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Low Cemetery History

Low Cemetery History

A misconception about Low Cemetery is: the land for the cemetery was not donated by Daniel Low even though the cemetery carries his name. John and Nancy Vanmeter (Vanmatre) set aside this area prior to 1840 for “a meeting house sight and cemetery”. They had purchased 80 acres in March of 1837 in Coolspring Township. The words “meeting house” indicate they probably were Quakers and Quakers with that name were found. Subsequent owners of the same area were Hezekiah and Fanny Bussey and Oliver Sanders. The area with the exception of the cemetery was deeded to Mary Barker Low in 1849.

She was the wife of Daniel Low and the sister of John Barker. The Lows were said to have been part of the Underground Railroad and were purported to have buried slaves in the cemetery that had been ill and died. There is no actual proof of this happening as it was word of mouth so we can only speculate.

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