Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Joseph County Archives at April 2010 meeting

There's a genealogical resource in South Bend with 10,000 volumes of records and over 23,000 boxes containing more. The St. Joseph County Archives and Records Center has birth, marriage, court, probate, and other records. On Tuesday, April 13, manager Vicky Rydzynski will tell us all about "What's in the St. Joseph County Archives and What You Can Get Out of Them." (Note: Archives are not libraries. You need to call ahead and get oriented before showing up!)

The society meets at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of every month at the Swanson Center for Older Adults, 910 State St., La Porte. The public is welcome at all meetings. For a list of upcoming programs and more information about the society's activities in awards, research, publication, and records preservation, visit our web site.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indentures of Apprenticeship & Guardianship Records

The following 13 abstractions of original documents were made by Fern Eddy Schultz and published in the La Porte County Genealogical Society Newsletter for September 1989, pages 21 and 23. I have retyped and posted them with her permission to make them more accessible in the internet age. This entire blog is every-word searchable, so it can serve as a repository of some of the work that has gone into the newsletter over the years.

If you find your people in this list, check the original Miscellaneous Record Books, volumes 1 through 10 (covering a period of 27 April 1857 through October 1907) in the Recorder's Office in La Porte. There may be more information there!

KEY: (1) Type of document, (2) Name of child/children, (3) Date of document, (4) Parties making document, (5) Miscellaneous information contained in document, (6) Witnesses, and (7) Location of record.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Eliza Jane CONCANON, (3) 26 March 1864, (4) Between Thomas CONCANON of Laporte County (father of child) and William CONCANON of Laporte Co., (5) Child: aged 6 years on 11th day of July 1863. Apprenticeship to remain in effect until she is 18 years unless she marries, (6) Before Azariah WILLIAMS, a Justice of the Peace in county, (7) MR Book 1/58.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Augusta BROCKMAN, (3) 22 January 1872, (4) Between Theodore BROCKMAN (father of the child) and Henry BAUMGARTNER of La Porte County, (5) Child: 11 years old on 25 March 1871. To remain in effect until 18 years old. To be taught the art of housekeeping and common sewing. (6) Before Henry H. WALKER, Mayor of the City of Michigan City, (7) MR Book 1/346.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Emma HUSSELFELDT, (3) 11 January 1872, (4) Between Mary HUSSELFELDT (mother of child) of La Porte Co. and Christian FRECE/FREEZE of La Porte County, (5) Child: aged 2 years. In effect until 18 years old, (6) Before Mortimer NYE, Notary Public, (7) MR Book 1/354.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Hattie Louise HARTLEY, (3) 04 June 1872, (4) Between Ira L. BARNES, Overseer of the Poor of Center Twp. La Porte Co. and Fredrick/Frederick C. KING and Nancy A. KING his wife of La Porte Co., (5) Child about 4 years old and 18 mos. Child has same name as mother, Hattie Louise HARTLEY. Reason of abandonment and neglect and inability of mother to provide for her child. Mother only parent of child known to the law. To remain in effect until 18 years if she shall so long live. To be taught the art trade and occupation of housekeeping, (6) Before Samuel E. WILLIAMS, Notary Public, (7) MR Book 1/372.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Eldora STEELE and Hiram Wesley STEELE, (3) 27 January 1880, (4) Between James STEELE (father of the children) of La Porte Co., and Rachel STEELE, (5) Age of Eldora, 8 years, 05 September 1879; Hiram, 6 years, 27 September 1879. Eldora to learn occupation of housekeeping and doing general housework; Hiram to learn the occupation of a farmer, (6) Before Anson HARVEY, Notary Public, (7) MR Book 3/9.

(1) Guardianship of Heirs, (2) E. Bill McCLUNG, Frank Lee McCLUNG, M. Alice McCLUNG, and John William McCLUNG, (3) 30 July 1877, (5) M. Alice, E. Bill and Franklin Lee, infant children of W. A. McCLUNG (deceased) over the age of 14 years with approbation of the court made choice of their mother, C. I. McCLUNG as their guardian and she was assigned guardian to John William, infant child of W. A. McCLUNG, (6) Filed in Virginia at Rockbridge Circuit Court, (7) MR Book 3/218.

(1) Assignment of Daughter, (2) Sarah Jane WELLS, (3) 04 February 1882, (4) Between Samuel WELLS of La Porte County (father of the child) and Clarence L. HASKINS of La Porte County, (5) Child - near 5 years old. Mother of child died and father "desirous to provide comfortable home for my child." In effect until she arrives at maturity or marries, (6) Joseph F. TAYLOR, (7) MR Book 3/258.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Ben F. CASE, (3) 02 September 1884, (4) Between Julia E. WORK, Pres. of St. Joseph Co. Orphans' Home and Charles WILLS Sr., member of La Porte County Commissioners and W. EDICK family, (5) Child - 7 years old and inmate of said orphans' home, (6) Before C. D. PHELPS, Justice of Peace, (7) MR Book 4/114.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Ralph Chapman KNEISLEY, (3) 02 September 1899, (4) Between Melissa KNEISLEY of Walkerton, St. Joseph Co. (mother of child) and Jacob KNEISLEY, La Porte County, (5) Child was born 21 November 1885. In effect until child is 21 years of age and said child is to be given one hundred dollars in cash, (6) Before Mortimer NYE, Notary Public, (7) MR Book 5/207.

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Leroy MOORE, (3) 15 July 1892, (4) Between the Infirmary Director of Van Wert County, OH and Aron MOORE and wife Jane MOORE of La Porte County, (5) Child - aged one year on 09 December 1891. To learn the trade and occupation of carpenter and joiner. At the expiration of term of service to be furnished with a new Bible, at least two suits common wearing apparel, one dress suit and $50 in money, (6) K. J. SMITH, R. DAVIDSON, A. J. STEWART, Infirmary Directors of Van Wert Co., OH and witnessed by John BOHLONDER, (7) MR Book 5/591.

(1) Letters of Guardianship, (2) Chas. CUMMINGS and Iva CUMMINGS, (3) 04 September 1899, (5) State of Illinois, Livingston Co. (Pontiac, IL). Fred DUCKETT, Clerk of County Ciourt. Chas. H. TUESBURG, Guardian, (7) MR Book 8/496.

(1) Letters of Guardianship, (2) Persons and estates of Nomie M. McLAUGHLIN and George McLAUGHLIN, (3) at Knox, IN 13 February 1903, (5) Ella McLAUGHLIN tendered bond of $10,000 with Michael D. FALVEY, Patrick C. BRAZILL and Michael HOGAN as sureties. Nomie - aged 14 years 04 May 1897 (B: 04 May 1883); George, aged 12 years 05 February 1897 (B: 05 February 1885). Minor heirs of John John McLAUGHLIN of Stark Co., IN. Minors reside in Stark Co., (7) MR Book 9/26 & 27.

(1) Guardianship Bond, (2) Sarah Emma HICKS, Alice Jane HICKS, William Allen HICKS, (3) 08 December 1863, (5) minor heirs of Lewis HICKS. To Eliza HICKS, (7) MR Book 9/347.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 2010 meeting

The La Porte County Genealogical Society met Tuesday, March 9, for the first time in two months. Past president Pat Harris gave the program on why people are sometimes buried in unexpected places. People may be buried with their children, with a predeceased spouse or other relation, with in-laws, in a mass grave, in a prison or military cemetery, or a potter's field. She gave examples of all these possibilities, many of them from her own families. One cemetery west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was reported to be “equally inaccessible from every point on earth,” but she found it.

The society is seeking an editor for its quarterly newsletter, as Donna Nelson is retiring from the volunteer position after five years.

Future plans discussed include the annual bus trip to Allen County Public Library April 21, and future programs: April (St. Joseph County Archives), May (La Porte courthouse resources), June (Sauktown Cemetery tour), September (Michigan City movie stars), and November (Escape from Slavery, postponed from February due to weather). July, August, and October programs are not yet set.

Indexing and abstracting work continues at the courthouse. The committee to name Genealogist of the Year is receiving nominations (deadline September).

The society meets at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of every month at the Swanson Center for Older Adults, 910 State St., La Porte. The public is welcome at all meetings. For a list of upcoming programs and more
information about the society's activities in awards, research, publication, and records preservation, visit our web site.