Saturday, March 2, 2019

LPCIGS Meeting March 12, 2019

The General Manager of the Hesston Steam Museum, Ted Rita,
will be our guest speaker on Tuesday evening, March 12. This operating collection of the machinery that moved our ancestors into the Twentieth Century can remind us of how they lived their lives.
The public is always welcome at our meetings. For more information, follow us on Facebook at La Porte County Genealogical Society.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

February Meeting

Our society is planning a Show and Tell session at our meeting on Tuesday, February 12th. Everyone likes to hear about the ways which you have discovered more details about the roots that support your family tree. Often, your story will illuminate a type of record or a line of reasoning which will help me push past the barrier which had me baffled. If you can't think of a breakthrough of your own, come and ask  your friends questions .

Too, plan ahead for the Bus Trip to Allen County Public Library. The trip is scheduled for April 24, 2019. It will leave Michigan City at 7 AM, with a stop in La Porte about 7:30. Contact Patricia Gruse Harris for reservations, and  prepare,  using the excellent on-line catalog; and perhaps try some searches using PERSI.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Pioneer Family Certificate

At the Tuesday, September 11, 2018 meeting of the La Porte County (IN) Genealogical Society, the Annual Residency Certificate awarding took place.  Chairperson of the Committee, Fern Eddy Schultz, and committee members, Anne Durrant and Alan Zeller, reviewed and approved the awarding of the following certificate:

Pioneer Family for documented ancestor in La Porte County during the period 1841 to 1860:
                Carol Lloyd, whose ancestor, Hiram McNett, appears in the 1850 Federal Census of La Porte County. Hiram died in 1865  and is buried in Union Mills Cemetery.

Please visit the Society’s FaceBook page or the website at for information regarding obtaining an application for this program.  Deadline for receipt of applications by the Society is July 31 of each year.  Certificates are awarded annually at the September meeting of the Society.  The primary purposes of the Residency Certificate program are (1) To identify and honor the memory of the earliest pioneers and veterans of la Porte County (IN) and (2) To show the proved pioneer’s and veteran’s lasting mark on the county they helped develop and serve by honoring their descendants.  

In addition to the Pioneer Family Certificates, the society also presents First Family, Settler Family, and Civil War Ancestor Family Certificates.

Monday, June 18, 2018

June 2018 Meeting of the La Porte County, Indiana Genealogical Society

On Tuesday evening, June 12, the La Porte County, Indiana Genealogical Society met at Lambs Chapel Cemetery, Fail Road and 600 North in Kankakee Township. Twenty-one members and guests were given a brief history of the cemetery by Alan Zeller. The details of the Stanton family, buried in the cemetery. was the subject of Ron Hyer's presentation.  Attendees examined the whole cemetery, and they uncovered some interesting tales suggested by the inscriptions.

Following the tour, many of the group congregated at the Little Tavern Too, in Rolling Prairie.

The next regular meeting  will be at the La Porte City Park Department building, at 250 Pine Lake Avenue. At 7 PM, Tuesday July 10, 2018,  The business meeting will be followed by  "Accessing Family Search's Digital Records", presented by Marlene Petty Pollster.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lambs Chapel Cemetery - June 12, 2018

Tuesday evening, June 12, will find a friendly group of genealogists touring one of La Porte County's historic cemeteries.

Annual event of the La Porte County, Indiana Genealogical Society

Lambs Chapel Cemetery is in Kanakee Township, at 6006 North Fail Road, just a mile north of U. S. 20. There are burials dating back into the middle of the 19th Century. The cemetery is the resting place of many veterans as well as some of La Porte County's early settlers.

Guests are welcome to join us at 6 PM, Central time, and hear a brief presentation about a few of these people. A gathering will be held following the tour. We will proceed east to Rolling Prairie, and meet at the Little Tavern, at 201 W. Michigan Street. Food and /or refreshments can be ordered.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Meeting May 8, 2018

Report of the meeting of the La Porte County Indiana Genealogical Society
8 May 2018
Park Department Headquarters, La Porte
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by the president, Ron Hyer.  Seventeen members were present. There was a short business meeting, with a report on the Allen County Public Library trip on April 18, 2018 from Patricia Gruse Harris.
Alan Zeller presented a map to guide the members and guests to Lambs Chapel Cemetery.  The June meeting will be a tour of this cemetery, located on Fail Road one mile north of US 20. The tour will be on  June 12, 2018, at 6 PM CDT. After the tour, the society plans an informal gathering at the Little Tavern, 210 W Michigan Street  in Rolling Prairie. Visitors are welcome at both phases of the tour.

After a recess for refreshments,  some members spoke about the research lessons which they had learned during the recent trip to Allen County Public Library. A discussion followed about the reason for this extensive collection and some of the lesser-known services which it offers.

Keep up with the society on Facebook, "La Porte County Genealogical Society".

Friday, April 20, 2018

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20 April, 2018