Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fred Gaw d. 1884 (Low Cemetery)

Fred Gaw

There is no tombstone for Mr. Gaw but as he was married to Rosa Gould Gaw he was related to the Goulds and may have been buried in the Gould tombstone area. The La Porte Herald Chronicle dated Thursday, 27 March 1884 reported the opening of the grave of Fred Gaw who had been buried about three weeks ago in the Low Cemetery. On Friday. the coffin was opened by F. Gaw, Family members David & John Gould, John Lindsley, Joe Benson, Levi Hall, and Johnny Pointon. It was found that the corpse had not moved and was in the same position that he was buried in showing he was not buried alive as believed by some of the relatives and neighbors.
His death record at the La Porte County Board of Health showed the cause of death was epilepsy.
This was a case for having a bell at the gravesite so he could ring it if needed.

Gloria Arndt 6/11/2013

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