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Frances Crozier Palmer 1794-1845 (Low Cemetery)

Frances Crozier Palmer

Frances “Fanny” Crozier Palmer was born in Peru, Berkshire, MA on 8 Sep 1794, the 9th child of Lieut. John Crozier, Revolutionary War veteran, and his wife, Fanny Whiting. One of her nephews, Almon Babitt, followed John Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, on his lengthy trek to Utah by way of Navoo, IL, where Babitt became Secretary of the Utah Territory. He was killed by the Cheyenne Indians.

Fanny and Ebenezer were married on 1 Jan 1817 in the Reformed Dutch Church in Schoharie Co., NY. They had 5 children together, 4 born in NY State. In Low Cemetery lies Albert, who died in 24 Dec 1846 and Angeline, who died on 4 Jan 1853, both at age 15 and both died after their parents had passed on. Also, buried here is there son, Hiram, who lived to be 35 years old. He had married Lydia Pagin. They had one child, a daughter, Flora Palmer. Lydia later married George Marsh. In 1892, the widow, Lydia Marsh, signed a deed to Block #10 in Marsh’s Second Addition to the City of Michigan City, IN for “Public School purposes and other public uses”. This is where the Marsh School complex is located in Michigan City.

One child, Marietta, married William Perley and moved to Des Moines, IA. NFI on Marietta.

The remaining child, Ziba W. Palmer, married Phylena, (Amelia), Harding. Amelia and Ziba have 3 children buried in Webster Cemetery. Amelia’s burial is recorded at Low Cemetery and at Webster Cemetery. She is, most likely buried at Low Cemetery. Ziba and Amelia were married on 1 Oct 1848, divorced, and remarried on 7 Nov 1860.

After Amelia’s death in 1863 at the age of 32 yrs, Ziba married on 7 Nov 1865 Catherine Gardner Shreve, the widow of Francis Shreve.

Ziba’s body was moved from Waterford Cemetery (Lows Cemetery off Johnson Road) to Greenwood Cemetery in Michigan City by his 2nd wife, Catherine Gardner Shreve along with the bodies of their children, Ziba W. Palmer, Jr, and Hattie B. Palmer. Their burial #'s were: Hallie (Hattie) #4519; Ziba, Jr. #4520; Ziba W. #4521.

Including Catherine’s son, William Shreve, by her previous marriage, 3 living children by Amelia, 7 surviving children of their own, the couple raised 11 children to adulthood. Surprisingly, only one, their youngest son, Bert, produced heirs bearing the Palmer name.

One last note on Fanny Crozier Palmer. Her death date is listed variously. About 10 years ago I read her date of death as 3 Apr 1845. 1845 agrees with her age listed on the stone.

Researched and presented by Dorothy Germain Palmer, 6/11/2013

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