Monday, September 29, 2014

La Porte County, Indiana Genealogical Society (LPCIGS)

October 14, 2014 Meeting

Where do you search for clues to the lives of your ancestors? What types of information can you find?  When did the records you seek begin? How can you find the exact records which will give you the answers? For many of these questions you must look to the records and ledgers in the local County Courthouse. The program featured at the November meeting of the La Porte County, Indiana Genealogical Society will start you on the correct road to finding the records held in the La Porte County Courthouse(s). County Historian Fern Eddy Schultz will present the program after the business meeting, which begins at 7 PM, at the La Porte Parks Department Headquarters at 250 Pine Lake Avenue. Guests are always welcome at the meetings, and we’ll try to assist you with your quest for information about your ancestors.

The society has a website at Look to this site for more information about the Society. 


  1. I am interested in connecting with my mother's LaPorte cousins, the children of Edna and Alden Downey. I believe Jane and Darby are still alive (as is my mother, Lois).

  2. I think I am confused. Do you need help locating these people, or are you asking for them to contact you? If the latter, I suspect that there is too little information included to allow them to reply.